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Group of editions "KAPSTROITELSTVO"
Kapstroitelstvo magazine (is a part of Group of editions "KAPSTROITELSTVO") Since 1999, Kapstroitelstvo magazine offers reliadle, current and exclusive information, reviews and summary articles with comments of experts working in the building materials and equipment market; articles on advanced technologies and equipment for building industry. Concrete&Asphalt magazine (is a part of Group of editions "KAPSTROITELSTVO") Since 2007, Concrete&Asphalt magazine has provided useful information about new materials and technologies to professionals of building and road construction industries. Over the years, the magazine has been serving as a connection between science info building industry and facilitating rapid implementation of modern technologies info building and road construction industry. Everyone involved info building willfind all the necessary information about market conditions, materials, machinery and technologies on the pages of the edition. Special equipment in CIS catalogue (is a part of Group of editions "KAPSTROITELSTVO") Special equipment in CIS: Building, Road, Municipal, Lifting aims at providing comprehensive information and characteristics of building equipment and machinery available on the domestic construction market. The catalogue provides the unique possibility for professionals to fully solve problems of machinery selection for improving the competitiveness of construction business and optimization of transport workers and builders' work.

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